Finalist Process: 

All Finalists were selected by a jury comprised of sponsoring agencies Abelson Taylor and The Bloc. 


TEAM “Warning Label”

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

James Lipinski - Creative Director
Buchun Jiang - Creative Director
Hannah Gong - Strategist

“Our campaign idea is inspired by the warning label on cigarette package: screen time is just like cigarettes, it feels good but it is actually bad for your health. People are not aware of how dependent they are on devices and by using warning label, we are hoping to show them what they are missing out on. Additionally, we want to encourage people to spend more time in reality. This relates to the upcoming screen free week.”



Columbia College Chicago

Benjamin Sundwall

Hannah McCoy

“ScreenHealth is an integrated app that intends to educate on the health concerns with screens, and encourage families to go offline together. A marketing campaign with an experiential launch is included in order to encourage viral spreading of this important message.”


“The Unplug Challenge”


Martin Brablec

Edgar Reynaga, Art Director

“The Unplug Challenge is a youth-focused, app-based tool which both raises awareness and helps combat smartphone addiction. Smartphone addiction is rooted in the easy, accessible dopamine rushes it provides via games and social media; that is why the focus of The Unplug Challenge is to provide an alternative, "unplugged" source of dopamine through gamification with prize-based competitions and positive reinforcement. Additionally, it gamifies the screen-time counter in order to avoid the ineffective condescension which proves ineffective time and time again. The partnership with schools will allow The Unplug Challenge to become ubiquitous as a means to replace smartphone addiction.”


“False Sense of Connectivity” 

Pennsylvania State University

Sarah Mckinnon

"Bringing awareness is the solution and the catalyst. The multiple mediums provided utilizes advertising as a way of emotional resonation and interactive potential. Additionally, encouraging all age groups to participate in a visual engagement of being aware of their screentime and technology impacts through yellow paint. Moving graphics and advertisement displays are bound to strike memorable emotions.”