Dick Dunford

Dick Dunford.jpg

Executive Creative Director 

Bold & simple ideas that transform people’s lives are my passion. Whether it’s helping launch the worlds first 100% electric car or launching the ground breaking Flash glucose monitoring system ‘Freestyle Libre’ for Abbott diabetes care, I’m determined to ensure they inspire engagement and take up.

Solving problems from an unconventional perspective is another. The last 4 years has seen me building a successful creative strategy consultancy; challenging conventional thinking and established processes to deliver a very different client/agency dynamic - bridging the gap between management consultants and marketing services. But (and it’s a big but) the lure of ‘disruption’ and it’s proven ability to truly impact lives through the world’s leading brands is too big an opportunity to miss. So I sold up and I'm back at TBWA\.

I’m very excited to be part of TBWA\Worldhealth. Be bold.

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