Jacqui Mendelssohn

Jacqui Mendelssohn.jpg

Executive Creative Director
McCann Johannesburg

Jacqui is the Executive Creative Director of McCann Health in Johannesburg, South Africa, the most awarded global health network in the world.

After an interesting first incarnation as a Kruger National Park specialist guide, Jacqui has built up extensive experience in the communications business that spans some 20 years and several global agencies.

From a strong above the line background where she won many awards across the full spectrum of product categories, Jacqui found herself operating in the “health sector”, serendipitously, as it turned out. In a sense it was only her realisation that her love and passion for animals could in fact be extended to human beings that made her new career path viable.

Making a real difference in people’s lives gives a reward that clearly supersedes the mere upward motion of a sales graph. A fact that has even more poignancy in Africa where wellness is sometimes simply a luxury.

Jacqui believes passionately that it is insights into human nature that can make a big difference when trying to effect behaviour change. She also believes that those insights are valid across a global stage and that it is the commonality of the human condition that allows us to create communications that gel across many different cultures. Applying localised knowledge gives those insights credibility and traction.