Michel Motta

Michel Motta.jpg

Creative Director
Triunfo Sudler Brasil (Sudler & Hennessey)

Michel is the Creative Director of Triunfo Sudler Brasil (Sudler & Hennessey). He's creative career spans over 20 years as a Designer,  Art Director, and Creative Director. In this time years, he's brought on ideas for a wide range of leading brands, including Pepsi Co, P&G, Nestle, J&J, Revlon, Pfizer, Astellas, Abbott, Bayer, etc. He first gets contact and starts work with healthcare global brands in Barcelona where he worked for three years as the Creative Director in a branding boutique agency and he graduated with his Master degree in Branding. During the last five years leading the creative team of Triunfo Sudler Brasil, he's been dedicated to elevating health and wellness communications through creativity and innovation that help change patients life, having an opportunity to develop award-winning creative campaigns that really helped solve problems for patients and clients. Some of the ideas resulted in many recognition awards such as Lions Health, Clio Health, RX Club New York, IPA London, Digital Health, among others.

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