Now in our 24th year, the Global Awards® are the world's most coveted healthcare & wellness advertising awards.

This year, we invite you to FEEL Creative.  The ethos of this year’s competition is driven by creative empathy: empathy that connects, feels, and directly benefits the consumer, the patient, and the caregiver.  It helps drive physician understanding, encouraging collaboration that serves locally and worldwide, ultimately making the world a better place.  With troves of data available, there is more opportunity than ever to connect with your audience, know how they feel and understand them better, and offer creative solutions that help them live their best life.  The path of the big idea should be one that filters through the heart, and replenishes both the creative and strategic halves of the brain.

The Global Awards broaden the focus beyond advertising alone. Our mission is to lift the perception of creativity above clever headlines and smart design. We want to explore the feelings and emotions shared between the creator of a message and its recipient—an achievement that transcends the barriers of distance, language and culture.


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